The Best English language Apps

This article outlines great English learning apps that students and teachers can utilize to learn English and develop English skills anywhere and anytime from their smartphones. If you are starting and aiming to speak fluent English or boost your everyday English conversation skills, these Apps will help you study English very fast. Therefore, consider downloading one of these Apps to improve your written or spoken English. Universities and schools can provide these English Apps to their students on top of the curriculum. Institutions can build on what their students have learned in classrooms and allocate them tasks to finish when out of class. You can find most of these Apps on mobile and the web, and students can use them anywhere and anytime. To get help on doing the English language, you can visit English homework help.

Duolingo. Learn languages freely

It is the world’s most popular English language-learning app and recommended for English beginners. Duolingo has more than 200 million subscribers learning English language free. The majority of the users says the app is not only fun but also addictive. It helps users get motivated with awards for completing lessons.



It is another English language app. According to reviews, this app is suitable for English learners at the formative stages of learning. Designed by linguists, this app combines AI-powered teaching and human interaction to assist learner’s master language. It offers courses in 12 different language s.


Improve English

It is a popular English learning App for those who learning English as an additional language. The bite-sized lessons help learners to improve their English skills. According to experts, the Improve English app is the best in building English vocabulary on the go. The app relies on scientific algorithms that help learners to study and improve English effectively.


Sentence Master Pro

An enjoyable English learning app is interactive and progressively directs the learner through language study in an immersive environment. According to users, it is fast-paced, but permit users time to think. The app encourages collaborative learning since users focus on matching words to form sentences and building sentences.



Memrise is an English language-learning app that helps students jump-start their English lessons or improve their English language. This app makes the learning process addictive, easy, and fun. Memrise English the course joins useful phrases, straightforward grammar, and practical vocabulary to study conversational English and apply it in the real world.



This app focuses on assisting English language learners to acquire elementary conversational skills. It also pays more attention to vocabulary. To understand the English language, Babbel allows users to complete and repeat phrases. Babbel uses four strategies: fill in the blanks, spelling, picture recognition, and sound recognition.


Rosetta stone

It is a basic English learning application designed distinctively from other apps. It teaches English the way children learn English. It comes with exercises that will help learners to learn essential English words. This app is for those who are looking for a true and tried method.


LearnEnglish Grammar

This app is an accessible and straightforward way to learn the English language and helps you ultimately improve your grammar. According to experts, LearnEnglish Grammar can help learners complete 12 grammar topics using 20 tasks per topic for English students for all levels.



It is an interactive app for learning the English language. Learners interact with LingoDeer in a contextualized and structured way. After that, learners can follow their lessons on their speed and depend on their abilities