How To Add Power Plant Maps Shortcut To Your Phone

Power Plant Maps Mobile Web App

Mobile app to find coal, gas, and nuclear power plant health and safety issues.  Map of power plants,  pollution, environment & community issues.  Progressive web app maps like ours are the wave of the future and don't require downloads like native phone apps. 

How you add our web app to your iPhone home screen:

Living Near Power Lines or Substations

power lines near home

Buying a house and living near power lines or electrical substations is a personal decision that depends on your comfort level and individual circumstances.  Are there any dangers to living near power lines or electrical substations?  

Here are a few factors to consider when making such a decision:

What Chemicals Are Typically in Coal Ash Ponds?

coal ash pond satellite view

Coal ash ponds typically contain a range of chemical constituents, which can vary depending on the composition of the coal burned, the type of power plant, and the specific processes used. Here are some of the chemicals commonly found in coal ash ponds:

Map of Kakhovka Dam & Nuclear Plant in Ukraine

Map of Ukraine nuclear plant and Kakhovka dam

Satellite images and maps of water spilling over the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine.