Southern California Edison (SCE) Power Outages Map

Why Are There So Many Outages Southern California Edison?

CAISO rotating outages (Stage 3 CAISO Emergencies) become necessary when the state's electricity demand outpaces available supply in real time or are unavoidable. CAISO will typically order the state's investor-owned utilities, including SCE, to reduce electrical load by turning off service immediately.

Who is responsible?  Loretta Lynch, former president of the California Public Utilities Commission responded to two tweets from President Trump saying California democrats intentionally implemented rolling blackouts.

“The problem here is other grid operators are doing the right thing,” said Lynch. “The actual California government-controlled operators like LADWP or SMUD in Sacramento aren’t having blackouts because they know how to run their grid.”

California ISO needs to do its job. “In California, Democrats have intentionally implemented rolling blackouts — forcing Americans in the dark. Democrats are unable to keep up with energy demand...," Trump tweeted