Map of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Active, Decommissioned, Future

Active, Decommissioned, Future Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants generate 19% of the electricity in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. (Sixty-one percent comes from fossil fuels and 20% comes from renewables.).

There are 93 commercial nuclear reactors operating in the United States at 55 locations in 28 states. The majority of nuclear reactors are in the eastern portion of the U.S.

25 reactors are in some phase of decommissioning. This map lists only reactors that are officially being decommissioned according to the NRC. Some plants that local utilities have slated for decommissioning, including Diablo Canyon in California, are listed as active because the NRC has not yet officially designated them as undergoing the decommissioning process.

Russian military threat to Ukraine's nuclear reactors and facilities

This interactive map is aimed to provide public information on the nuclear plants in the Ukraine, their vulnerabilities and threats from Russian military forces. For detailed background briefing on each nuclear plant click on plant icon.

Ukraine Nuclear Power plant near Russia Map