Duke Energy Coal Ash Dumping Spencer, North Carolina

Duke Energy Coal Ash Dumping in Spencer, North Carolina

Disgusting Coal Ash Ponds in Conchise, Arizona

Look at this satellite view of these disgusting coal ash dumping ponds in Conchise, Arizona

Lake Ontario Has 4 Nuclear Power Plants

Lake Ontario, Canada and United States Has 4 Nuclear Power Plants
New York and Rochester Area Has 2 of Them

Lake Ontario does not have any nuclear power plants directly situated on its shores. However, there are two nuclear power plants located in the vicinity of Lake Ontario in the province of Ontario, Canada. These nuclear power plants are:

Darlington Nuclear Generating Station: Located in Clarington, Ontario, on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is a facility operated by Ontario Power Generation (OPG). It consists of four nuclear reactors and has a combined capacity of approximately 3,512 megawatts (MW).

Pickering Nuclear Generating Station: Situated in Pickering, Ontario, along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is also operated by Ontario Power Generation. It consists of six nuclear reactors and has a combined capacity of approximately 3,100 MW.

While these nuclear power plants are close to Lake Ontario, they are not physically located directly on its shores. Lake Ontario serves as a source of cooling water for the nuclear power plants, as they use lake water to cool the reactors. The proximity to the lake allows for convenient access to cooling water, which is an important aspect of nuclear power plant operations.

Heat Map of United States Power Plants

Heat Map of United States Power Plants
Gas, Nuclear, Hydro& & Renewable
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How Far Can Electricity Be Transported?

The cities of Los Angeles, Anaheim, Riverside, Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale are buying electricity as far as 600 miles away. The Intermountain Power Agency is talking to the city of Los Angeles and other customers about converting much of the coal-fired Intermountain Power Plant to run on cleaner but more expensive natural gas by 2025.  More info