Map of Coal Power Plants in Michigan Shutdown

25 Great Lakes Coal Power Plants to Shutdown by 2020 Should Improve Air Quality and Water Pollution 

Here is a list of some coal power plants located near the Great Lakes that have been shut down or announced for closure.

Nanticoke Generating Station (Ontario, Canada): Nanticoke Generating Station, located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Ontario, was one of the largest coal-fired power plants in North America. It ceased coal-fired operations in 2013 and has since been repurposed for other energy generation technologies.

Lambton Generating Station (Ontario, Canada): Lambton Generating Station, also located in Ontario near Lake Huron, stopped burning coal in 2013. It has been converted to a natural gas-fired power plant.

Lakeview Generating Station (New York, USA): Lakeview Generating Station, located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in New York, ceased coal-fired operations in 2005. The site has been redeveloped for other purposes.

Presque Isle Power Plant (Michigan, USA): Presque Isle Power Plant, situated on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan, was shut down in 2019. The plant's coal-fired units have been retired, but natural gas units continue to operate on the site.

Weadock Generating Plant (Michigan, USA): Weadock Generating Plant, located on the shore of Lake Huron in Michigan, ceased coal-fired operations in 2016. The plant has been converted to natural gas.

J.R. Whiting Generating Plant (Indiana, USA): J.R. Whiting Generating Plant, situated on the southern shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana, was retired in 2016. The plant's coal units have been replaced with natural gas-fired units.

This is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other coal power plants near the Great Lakes that have been retired or are scheduled for closure.