Hawaiian Electric Did Not Shut Off Power Despite High Wind Warning

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against utility Hawaiian Electric claiming a downed power line on Maui caused the deadliest wildfire in U.S. history, though no official cause has been determined. Kris Sanchez reports.

The legal claim contends that Hawaiian Electric consciously opted not to deactivate its power lines during a period marked by a High Wind Watch and a Red Flag Warning for Maui. This decision was taken despite the company's awareness of the potential hazards associated with igniting a fire under such climatic conditions.

Hawaiian Electric, the primary electricity provider for Hawaii, is confronting a class-action legal action concerning the fatal Maui wildfires. The lawsuit asserts that the company disregarded weather advisories and contributed to the circumstances that exacerbated the wildfires, resulting in the deaths of a minimum of 96 individuals. 

The lawsuit claims that the destruction "could have been avoided" if the company shut down its power lines before the high winds hit. CNBC

Hawaiian Electric's stock plunged as much as 42% during trading on August 14.