Dirtiest Coal Power Plant in Australia to Close

Dirtiest Coal Power Plant in Australia to Close

Australian government has not officially announced a list of the "dirtiest" coal power plants in the country that are scheduled to close. However, Australia has been taking steps to transition to cleaner energy sources and reduce its reliance on coal for electricity generation.

The closure of coal power plants in Australia is influenced by various factors, including market dynamics, environmental considerations, and the country's commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Several coal power plants in Australia have already been retired or are scheduled for closure in the coming years. Some notable examples include:

Hazelwood Power Station: Located in Victoria, the Hazelwood Power Station was one of the largest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants in Australia. It ceased operations in March 2017.

Liddell Power Station: Situated in New South Wales, the Liddell Power Station is scheduled to retire by 2023. It has been a subject of discussions and plans for replacement with cleaner energy alternatives.

Yallourn Power Station: Yallourn Power Station, also located in Victoria, is set to close in 2028. The closure is part of an agreement between the plant's operator, EnergyAustralia, and the Victorian government to transition away from coal-fired power generation.

The closure of coal power plants can have significant economic and social impacts on the surrounding communities and workforce. Efforts are being made to manage these transitions and support affected workers and regions through initiatives such as job retraining programs and investment in renewable energy projects.